It is with sadness that we post below a copy of the letter our conductor and friend, Robert Halseth sent to the musicians. We are planning robust Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 Seasons in the hope the corona virus crisis will have subsided. Watch also for news of the Big Day of Giving which will occur on May 7, 2020.

We look forward to seeing you in the Fall!

“Ladies and Gentlemen of the Sierra Nevada Winds:

I am sorry to say that our 30th season is coming to an end without our April 18th spring concert.  Rehearsal rooms at both Rocklin HS and Placer HS are no longer available to us, due to new school policies that only allow students and district employees on campus.  And Dietrich Theatre, the performance hall on the campus of Sierra College, is closed to everyone until at least April 13, with no guarantee that it will be open after that.  
Concern for each other, especially those over 60, by reducing potential exposure to the dangerous coronavirus, has to be the highest priority.  Notice what is taking place everywhere:  the cancellation of concerts by the Sacramento Symphonic Winds, Camellia Symphony Orchestra, SF Symphony, games by the NBA, NCAA, NHL, MLB, and services by churches far and wide in an effort to contain or at least slow down the transfer speed of this deadly virus.  China and South Korea have had the most success in shutting down the expansion of the virus by resorting to severe restrictions on gatherings of large groups.  We must do the same if we are to survive this.

Our board of directors is meeting Sunday to decide how to proceed with such things as the Big Day of Giving, next season (fall/children’s concerts/spring), our Cornwall tour, etc.  If you have topics we should address, let us know.

I have loved hearing our development as we rehearsed the pieces chosen for this concert:  such good music, played with great sensibility, depth and vitality, and rehearsed with love and humor.  It is my hope that we will play this music again, at a concert this fall, perhaps.  So, hang on to it.  If you have original parts (not copies) please make copies for yourself and send the originals back to Judy.

I am hopeful of seeing and hearing all of you again, but it is possible that this awful virus may take some of us.  So please accept a digital hug from me to you for the great music we have made together this year and over the years.  Now, wash your hands, be safe, and do all you can to minimize the danger to yourself and others so that we can meet again when this danger has passed.

Love, Bob

PS  Obviously, this is not the way any of us had planned to proceed.  But without life there can be no music.  We must live to play again.  Best wishes to us all!”