England Tour!

Here is just a small gallery showing our extraordinary England Concert Tour.

To hear the concert with the Mousehole Male Voice Choir at St. Marys in Penzance, click this link: St. Mary’s Concert  (There is a blip in the recording at the start of the Cowboys piece; just let it continue.)

On June 21, 2015 the Winds traveled to England! This was only the second time we have gone on tour in our 26 years of making music, and was the first time we have traveled overseas. We landed in London and went straight to Penzance in Cornwall. There we participated in the annual Golowan Festival and shared a moving concert with the outstanding Mousehole Male Voice Choir. We then returned to London and performed with the exciting  Lambeth Wind Orchestra. We are humbled by the gracious hospitality we received and grateful to those of you who helped underwrite the expenses of this extraordinary trip!

The Ensemble