The members of the ensemble received this message from co-conductor, Dr. Robert Halseth, after the exciting Spring Concert at Sierra College:

Dear Sierra Nevada Winds members,

Congratulations on playing such a wonderful concert last night. Things came together in a most exciting, musical way, and I felt that my initial thought (that you would be able to handle – and deserved to have – a piece that required 12 weeks of intense rehearsal) was fully validated. Thanks to the hard work each of you did, Symphonic Dances from West Side Story came into artistic existence: it came alive! And so did the rest of the program. Bravo! This is what happens when able players are encouraged (did someone say “required”?) to dig in and practice hard, both individually and collectively.   What fun it was to conduct you! Thanks for the opportunity, and the honor. Your musicianship and your friendship are equally appreciated.

Dr. Robert Halseth, co-conductor Sierra Nevada Winds