We have been in contact with the new management of the The Roseville Theatre Arts Academy and are are delighted to announce that we have scheduled Children’s Concerts on February 24, 2011! For further information, contact:

Roseville Theatre Arts Academy

Former Post: We are sad to announce that our host for the Children’s Concerts, Civic Theatre West (formerly Magic Circle) has gone out of business. Although we have not had official word, we assume the Children’s Concerts have been canceled. These concerts were a great source of pleasure to us; the children were wonderful audiences!

We are working on scheduling Children’s Concerts in the future. Though it may be too late for this season, music education is an important part of our mission and we will pursue other opportunities vigorously.  If you would like to be contacted about our future plans, please use the Contact Us page, and we will put you on a notification list.

You have our sincere appreciation for your interest in music education and for your support of the Sierra Nevada Winds.